What is Tree Stump Grinding?

Tree stump grinding is a method of removing the stump of a tree after it has been felled. The tree stump is leftover after felling a tree as the tree cannot be cut entirely from the ground. The stump is connected to its root system and the soil. Once the tree is cut, the stump may begin to rot away, and during this process can attract various pests to the garden such as termites, ants and wasps that may attempt to make the stump their home. If the stump is present in a landscaped garden, it can be an eyesore for the next few weeks until the stump completely decays. Having a stump in the way also prevents the ability for new trees to grow until the root system and the stump of the old tree is cleared from the soil. Stump grinding however leaves the roots intact, it only destroys the stump itself by grinding it into tiny wood chips. The roots are expected to naturally decay after the stump is ground. Arborist can be consulted to determine whether stump grinding, or removal is more suitable as stump removal completely removes the stump along with the roots but involves digging up the entire system. Tree stump grinding requires special machinery that can be rented if you are willing to do it yourself. However, the safer option is to hire a grinding service such as stump grinding North Brisbane to carry out the entire process for you as the equipment can be dangerous to handle.

Does a stump need to be removed?

Usually, the stump can be left alone after the tree has been felled, and many people do. However, tree stumps may sprout new branches occasionally which would need to be cut down. These branches would not grow into a viable tree and instead be smaller sprouts growing from the stump itself. This can repeatedly occur until the stump has depleted its energy or cannot gain enough nutrients from the ground, at which point the stump will start to rot a way. In this case, the decision to remove or keep the stump is based purely on aesthetics and if the space occupied by the stump is needed for something else.

When to not grind a stump?

Note that grinding a stump requires moving a machine over to the stump. If the stump is in a place the machine can’t reach, it would not be able to be ground. If the tree stump is close to other trees, the machine might damage the roots of the other trees during the grinding process. Similarly, if the stump is close to buildings or other structures, it may damage foundations and other structural elements, or cause cracks along concrete which can result in structural damage to the building itself or its water and drainage pipes.


Instead of grinding a stump, one can also opt to have it dug out using shovels or other equipment. This has the advantage of removing the entire stump along with its roots and leaving the area completely cleared for a new tree or other use.


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