What Are the Cases That Are Under Family Law?

It might be difficult for you to consider filing a case against a family member or being summoned by a family court, but for you to know your rights and to ask for legal counsel from someone who is specializes in family cases.

Family Law as it is called, deals with civil cases that involve spouses, children and parents. Most cases that the family court handles involve but is not limited to:

Marriage Dissolution

Family cases that involve spouses who wish to end their marriage fall under the divorce, annulment or separation category. Marriage dissolution is a case a spouse file requesting for the marriage to be terminated.

With this type of family case, the court would also need to settle issues regarding alimony, child support and custody and division of assets. There are significant differences between divorce, annulment and separation. If you are not sure which should be applied to your situation, click here for more information.

Child Custody

The settlement about child custody is dealt with marriage dissolution but there are cases where it is dealt with separately, especially if the child’s parents are not married. A settlement with regards to custody could be physical custody, legal custody and visitation rights and child support are also discussed. Cases where a man is also denying his claim as a father to a child also falls under this type of family case. When a man is legally and officially declared as the father, he would need to pay child support as determined by the court.

Domestic Violence and Abuse

Family courts are also involved in cases of domestic violence. In some cases, it would not just be a civil case but also a criminal case especially if the abuser kept on harming the victims. The family court would not only look after the trial but would also intervene by issuing restraining orders against the abuser. Sad to say, there have been countless families over the years who filed for restraining orders against other family members because of domestic violence.

Termination of parental rights

Nowadays, children could file a family case against their parents for the court to legally acknowledge that they no longer have any parental relationship with their parents. Children resort to this course of action because of abuse, neglect and abandonment.

After a child is legally free of any parental rights, the court could also grant adoption to other individual/s who are more fit to be the child’s parent. In most cases, it is the child’s aunt or uncle who filed for termination of parental rights so they could be the legal parent of their niece or nephew.


Emancipation or under legal age marriages are also handled by the family court. Those who wish to get married but are under the age of 18 could grant approval from family court to be legally married.

When juveniles became involved and had a brush in with the law, family court also deals with juvenile matters since they could not be tried as an adult.


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