Preventing Scars After A Mole Removal Procedure

There are reasons why we consider getting a mole removed. It could be for cosmetic purposes or it could be in danger of leading to melanoma or skin cancer or it could be irritating when it rubs against your clothes. Whatever the reason is, there is a possibility of scarring after the procedure.

There are ways you could do to avoid scars after getting your mole removed. Consult with your doctor first to know if any of the mentioned prevention is applicable to you. Following their orders is also a must.

Don’t Stay Under The Sun

We are already advised that the sun can cause skin damage. This could not have been truer when we have a wound that is healing. If constantly exposed, the wound might darken and discolored making it more noticeable. Amp up the sunscreen to protect it from the sun or cover it with a scarf or any other clothing to cover it from the sun’s harmful rays. Do this for six months or until the time when you notice the wound is fading and there is little to no possibility of it scarring.

Keep The Wound Clean

Similar to other wounds or incisions, keeping it clean would ensure that it would not get infected and that it would not scar. If you have undergone a cosmetic mole removal sydney ask your doctor if you are required to put any ointment on the wound. Using any moisturizer or petroleum jelly to keep the skin moisturized could help in speeding up the healing. Still, it is better that you inquire from your doctor first before putting anything.

Don’t Pull On The Skin

If you have the surgery on a part of your skin that experiences too much movement, the wound would take time to heal. Be careful if this is the case. Avoid having the skin stretched out to prevent a bigger scar.

Do Massage The Scar

Do this after the scab is gone. Let it fall off naturally because if you pull it or forcefully peel it off, the scar might worsen. Usually the scab would take two weeks to naturally fade. If it is taking longer than this, wait for it. Don’t hasten the process because it would be worse. Once the scab is gone, apply light pressure on the scar to restore the skin. Doing this would help the skin heal on its own. Applying moisturizer would also help the skin be supple to speed up on the mending.

Do Try Corticosteroids

If the scar turned into a keloid or you are worried that the scar would be big and noticeable, you can consider corticosteroid injections. Corticosteroids are hormones that treat skin conditions and are often used in reducing the appearance of scars.

Being cautious and following your doctor’s orders carefully would ensure that your wound would heal in no time and the scar would not be as visible. But for severe cases, you could still consider laser and light therapies to make the scars from your mole removal procedure smaller and less noticeable.

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