How To Renovate Your Kitchen

Every couple of years every home needs a makeover, whether it is a paint job, a new set of tiles or even an overall redo. Out of all these places the kitchen is easily the most in need of this makeover. After years of wear and tear, cooking, washing and everything in between kitchens can easily become the place that looks the drabbest.

However, if you are into doing a full renovation that is great, although if that is not within your budget all you need is to make small changes. Re-doing your kitchen does not have to be a major task, most of time all you need is to change one or a few things for the look of it to be better. So, in case you are deciding on which fixture of your kitchen you need to change, here is a list of things that can work.

Cabinets and drawers

Clutter is one of the worst things to have in kitchen. Nothing is worse than seeing containers, bowls and kitchen equipment on the counter tops because there are no cabinets for storing. So, if you are in a mood to get rid of the clutter or simply upgrade how your kitchen cupboards look then try with a new set of cabinets.

Paint the existing ones, use a new material or simply fix any broken hinges. This will automatically make your kitchen ten times neater and sleeker, it is also the best way to get rid of the messy counter tops so it is a win-win for everyone.


Chipped, cracked and faded counter tops can leave your kitchen looking absolutely drab. It makes it look dirty and in turn quite unpleasant. Lucky for you though fixing up counter tops is one of the easiest things now. With the many available materials there is a large variety to choose from.

Porcelain is easily one of the most commonly used materials for counter tops as it is so easy to use. If you are looking for countertop material ideas check out places like United Porcelain Melbourne based. They specialize in porcelain counter tops and other materials, so you will be able to find one that fits your requirement.

Try a different colour

Light coloured walls get dirty fast but you cannot have a dark colour for a kitchen, therefore you will need to find something that fits the perfect balance. It has to match the colours of the rest of your home but also something that can conceal dirt to a good extent.  One of the best solutions is using a washable paint. This way you can get rid of stains much faster and have your walls looking much better for longer.

Use wallpaper

If you like some patterns and contrast, wallpaper is a great idea to throw in some extra colours. Choose from a series of different patterns to mix and match the colour of the walls. This is a great idea to cover up stains on the walls that paint sometimes cannot do.


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