Smart City Vocational College is a Supervising Registered Training Organisation committed to providing a high standard of quality service. Our aims include ensuring our clients are met with the type of service that they require to best suit their individual needs.

We strive to fulfil these needs through providing flexibility in the delivery mode of our training services. The trainers of Smart City Vocational College are highly experienced and deliver their product with knowledge, passion and expertise

Smart City Vocational College is based in Central Queensland, Wide Bay and South East Queensland Regions.


As a Registered Training Organisation we exist under a banner of constant change to provide innovative, flexible training services to our valued clients.


We strive to maximise the learning experience by recognising and responding to individual learning needs.

Continuous Improvement

We embrace change and use it as a catalyst for growth and development.


Professionalism, flexibility, innovation, ethics, integrity.


Flexibility, respect, honesty.


Dedication, accountability.


Our mission at Smart City Vocational College is to become the premium training provider through our strong belief and application of our key operational values.

Industry Focus

We are committed to providing customised programs to suit the needs of workplace environments, employers and individuals.


Our products and services are aligned to Standards for NVR Registered Training Organisations.


We work together to make our vision a reality by embracing the following key values.


Humour, diversity, information sharing, collaboration, respect.
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